When Is Hunting Season In Texas? 2023

If you’re a hunter looking to bag some big game in Texas, you’ll want to mark your calendar with the official start of hunting season. From quail and doves to deer and wild hogs, Texas offers incredible wildlife perfect for hunters of all skill levels – but only if you know exactly when the season starts! In this blog post, we’ll break down all the critical information regarding different seasons and regulations so that Texans can have an unforgettable time out in nature. Read on to learn more about when is hunting season in Texas.

When Is Hunting Season In Texas?

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In Texas, there are different hunting seasons for different animals. Generally, the hunting season runs from early September to late February or early March. A few exceptions apply:

– Dove season starts in mid-September and continues through November.

– Deer hunting begins at the end of October and runs through mid-January.

– Rabbit, squirrel, and quail hunting typically begins in mid-November.

– Turkey season usually begins at the beginning of April and continues through May. 

The exact dates for each hunting season vary depending on the region of Texas you’re in. Remember that all hunters must purchase a license to hunt legally in Texas. The license you need depends on the type of animal you’re hunting, so it’s important to check local regulations before hunting in any region of Texas.

What Are The Hunting Seasons In Texas For Different Types Of Animals?

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The hunting season in Texas varies depending on the game type. Commonly hunted animals include deer, turkey, waterfowl, dove, quail and hogs. Most game species’ general open hunting season is from late August until early January.


The archery-Only season runs from mid-October to late January. The general season runs from early November to late January.


Spring turkey season generally runs from mid-April to late May, and fall turkey season is typically held in October and December.


Waterfowl hunting season dates vary by species. Generally speaking, the hunting season begins in mid-September and ends in late February.


The dove season typically runs from mid-September to early February, with an additional closure period between December 24 and January 6.


Quail season generally runs from November 1 through the end of February, although the exact dates may vary slightly by county.


Hog season is year-round, with no closed season in most counties. However, there are exceptions, and some counties may have restrictions on hunting feral hogs. It is best to check local regulations before hunting in any specific area.

What Kind Of Permits Do You Need To Hunt In Texas, And How Can You Get Them?

To hunt in Texas, you must obtain the necessary permits and licenses. You will need a hunting license to hunt game animals and migratory birds. Hunting licenses can be purchased online through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department website or at any authorized retail location.

You may also be required to purchase additional permits depending on the type of animal you are hunting and the season. For example, a deer permit is required to hunt deer during certain times of the year. Additional permits may be required for turkeys, waterfowl, furbearers, and exotic animals.

It is also important to remember that there are specific regulations regarding what types of weapons can be used when hunting in Texas. For instance, rifles are not allowed while hunting deer in some areas. Additionally, hunting from a vehicle or boat is illegal unless the hunter possesses a valid Alligator Permit or Wild Hog Nuisance Permit.

Finally, it would help if you familiarized yourself with the relevant local and state hunting laws, as they vary across different regions. It is essential to abide by all rules and regulations when hunting in Texas since failure to do so can result in fines or even jail time.

You can legally hunt in Texas by obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, following all applicable laws, and familiarizing yourself with the regulations specific to your region.

What Are The Rules And Regulations For Hunting In Texas?

In Texas, hunters must obtain a valid hunting license and comply with specific species regulations, bag limits, and safety requirements.

Regarding bag limits and the take of game animals in Texas, most species have no set limit except for alligators, turkey, deer, pronghorn antelope, and javelina. Alligators may only be taken by special permit, while the daily limit for turkey is two gobblers.

There is a one-buck-only rule for deer during most of the season except in certain counties where limited antlerless bag limits are allowed. Pronghorn antelope can have up to five tags per license holder, while javelina may have up to six.

In addition to these limits, hunters in Texas must also adhere to safety regulations. All hunters must wear hunter orange (blaze) of at least 400 square inches on their head, chest and back when hunting deer, turkeys or feral hogs for any of those species during the open season.

Additionally, hunters must carry a valid Texas hunting license with them at all times while hunting and must abide by rules regarding the use of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, and muzzleloaders.

Finally, Texas requires that hunters adhere to regulations regarding baiting deer or transporting wildlife carcasses. Baiting deer is strictly prohibited except for hunting hogs and coyotes. Additionally, all wildlife carcasses must be disposed of properly; they must be left in the field or presented to a taxidermist with a valid permit.

By following these regulations and bag limits, hunters can ensure that their experience is safe and enjoyable. It’s also essential to review and stay current on any changes in regulations or laws that may affect your hunting activity.

What Are Some Good Places To Go Hunting In Texas?

Texas is an ideal state to go hunting, with a variety of wildlife and terrain. You can hunt in Texas in many public and private areas, depending on the type of game you’re looking for.

In East Texas, popular hunting places include the Angelina National Forest near Lufkin and Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville. The Chihuahuan Desert and Big Bend Ranch State Park are popular hunting areas in South Texas.

West Texas offers plenty of opportunities for big game hunters at sites like Black Gap Wildlife Management Area and Davis Mountains State Park.

No matter where you go hunting in Texas, it’s important to understand state regulations and be aware of the local wildlife. Before heading out for a hunt, get the proper license or permit and check with your local game warden about current regulations.

It would help if you also took precautions to ensure you’re safe while hunting. Wear protective clothing, always have a first aid kit, and never hunt alone.

By following the rules and exercising caution, you can ensure that your Texas hunting experience is fun and safe.


Q: Is there a bag limit for hunting in Texas?

A: Yes, each game species has its specific bag limit in Texas. The local game warden or Wildlife Department can provide detailed information regarding the applicable bag limit for your intended hunting activity.

Q: Are there any special rules I must follow while hunting in Texas?

A: Several laws and regulations must be followed while hunting in Texas. Review the relevant sections of the Wildlife Code before heading out on your hunt. Additionally, all hunters are required to wear a minimum amount of blaze orange clothing while hunting in Texas. This helps ensure that other hunters can quickly identify you as a hunter, not a game animal.

Q: What is the penalty for hunting without a valid license?

A: Hunting without a valid license is considered a severe violation of Texas law. Depending on the circumstances, it could result in fines, jail time, or even the revocation of hunting privileges. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have a valid hunting license before engaging in any hunting activity.


The hunting season in Texas is an exciting opportunity for outdoorsmen and women of all ages to enjoy the state’s natural beauty. It provides a great way to experience the outdoors and spend time with family or friends. The season typically runs from mid-September through late March, and permits are available for various hunting activities.

As with any activity, it is essential to understand the regulations and laws before engaging in any hunting activity. Hunting season in Texas is an excellent opportunity for the outdoor enthusiast and anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you are after the big game, small game, waterfowl, or just an enjoyable day of hunting, the season provides something for everyone. So, as you prepare for your next hunting trip in Texas, check the season dates and grab your license.

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