What To Wear During Pheasant Hunting? Detailed Guide 2023

If you’re new to hunting and want to make sure you blend in with your surroundings, pheasant hunting is a great option. This blog post will give tips on what to wear during pheasant hunting season so you can be successful (and comfortable) out in the field.

What To Wear During Pheasant Hunting?

When you’re out in the field, it’s important to stay comfortable and concealed. Here are some essentials and hunting gear for pheasant hunting:

• Layering – Temperature can fluctuate quickly when you’re out in the field, so layering is key. Start with a lightweight base layer such as merino wool or silk, which will help keep you warm and dry.

Then add a mid-layer, such as fleece or wool, which will help keep you toasty when the temperature drops. Finally, top it off with a wind- and waterproof outer layer such as an insulated upland vest or parka.

• Camouflage – Camo helps you stay concealed from your prey, so choose camo gear in colors and patterns that match your environment. For example, if you’re hunting in a wooded area, choose camo with shades of brown and green.

• Footwear – Sturdy boots are essential for trekking through rugged terrain. Choose a good pair from waterproof materials to keep your feet dry and insulated.

• Hats and Gloves – A wide-brimmed hat and warm gloves are essential for keeping the sun and cold weather at bay. Choose a waterproof material such as neoprene or GORE-TEX® to keep your hands dry and warm.

• Safety Gear – Make sure you wear bright orange clothing so other hunters can easily spot you in the field.

Following these great tips will ensure a successful and comfortable pheasant hunting experience.

Some Additional Requirements For Pheasant Hunting

Before heading out for a day of pheasant hunting, ensure you have the proper licenses and permits. Also, check local regulations to make sure you are hunting legally.

Also, ensure the proper hunting gear and equipment, such as a shotgun, ammunition, and decoys. Finally, remember to bring a first aid kit, compass, water bottle, and map as a safety precaution.

Leather Shooting Gloves

Pheasant hunting is important; Comfort and safety are equally top of mind. Good quality leather shooting gloves are ideal for outdoorsmen looking to protect their hands while handling firearms.

Not only do they offer superior protection with reinforced knuckles, fingertips, and palms, but they also provide warmth in cold climates. Choose a pair with adjustable, snug-fitting wrist closures to ensure all heat is trapped while providing a secure fit.

Leather shooting gloves can be found in many styles and designs, from plain to detailed stitching to match your personal preference and sense of fashion. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or just starting pheasant hunting, invest in a quality pair of shooting gloves for the ultimate comfort and safety you can rely on season after season.

Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt

Whether you are a novice or an experienced pheasant hunter, it is important to be outfitted with the right apparel. What you wear on a pheasant hunt can often make or break the success of your outing.

A long sleeve shooting shirt is an excellent choice for hunters looking for breathable, comfortable clothing. They combine lightweight, stretchy fabric with strategic venting and are designed to provide a performance fit in all weather conditions, ensuring you will stay cool without sacrificing mobility and form.

Plus, with features like game bags for extra storage and adjustable cuffs, these shirts offer everything necessary for a successful hunting excursion.

Hunting Pants

When out pheasant hunting, the right clothing, and footwear can make all the difference. Specialized upland hunting pants, in particular, are a must-have for any hunter looking to get the most out of their day afield.

What makes them special? They are designed to provide maximum movement while keeping you warm and dry. High-quality fabrics with durable reinforcements protect from water and dirt. Strategic pockets allow you to keep all your must-haves close at hand, like shells or a knife.

Cold-weather hunting is especially important; look for insulated upland pants and long underwear if available for winter days spent on the hunt. Bring along some quality gloves to keep your hands warm too! This could be your best pheasant hunting trip with all the right protection.

Shooting Glasses

Specifically, shooting glasses are essential protective gear for protecting your eyes from flying particles and other debris. With this in mind, you should invest in quality shooting glasses that protect your facemask and provide excellent eye protection.

If possible, look for a feature like adjustable frames, side shields, and a wide range of lenses to customize your rifle or pistol shoot accordingly. What’s more, if you know you’ll be shooting on a sunny day, try bringing polarized lenses to reduce glare and enable maximum precision – after all, the right outfit should make the hunt even more enjoyable!


Planning and preparation are essential for pheasant hunting. The most important factor to remember is comfort – it will make all the difference when you take your shotgun out for a hunting trip.

Try to layer clothing and opt for garment pieces made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester, synthetic blends, and wool; these fabrics won’t trap sweat or dampness and can be adequately warm even in wind chill climates. Make sure you also have muted colors, as bright colors scare birds away.

Nondescript cloth caps are great for sun protection, and waterproof boots are essential for wading through the wet areas of your hunt locations. With the right clothing choices, you’ll get an extra layer of enjoyment – and success – out of your hunting experience.


Decoys are fake birds that lure real birds near the hunter, making their job significantly easier. What you wear will determine how well your decoys blend in with their environment. Solid-colored camouflage would be ideal and make sure your hat matches to avoid resembling a human head too closely.

Bright colors like whites and reds should be avoided as they can cause visible movement, warning off any birds that the presence of a decoy may have fooled them. With the right clothing and properly placed decoys, you can expect a successful and rewarding day of hunting.

Hunting Bag

Whether a novice or an experienced hunter, having the right bag for your hunt is essential. Finding the ideal bag for this activity is even more important regarding pheasant hunting. Many hunters also bring ample ammunition, shells, lures, and food with them in their bag of choice.

With so many different types of bags on the market today, there is something to fit every need and budget. Whatever you choose, from hunting backpacks to adventure bags and duffles, should provide the space and capabilities to make it easy for you to carry all your essentials on your next pheasant hunt.

FAQs About What To Wear Pheasant Hunting?

Q: What type of clothing should I wear when hunting pheasants?

A: Regarding what you should wear while hunting pheasants, comfort is key. Look for clothing made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester, synthetic blends, and wool. Additionally, layer your clothing and opt for muted colors to avoid scaring away birds.

Q: What shooting glasses should I wear when hunting pheasants?

A: When looking for glasses, it is important to find protective gear that provides excellent eye protection. Look for adjustable frames, side shields, and a wide range of lenses to customize your rifle or pistol shoot accordingly.

Q: What type of bag should I use when hunting pheasants?

A: Depending on your needs and budget, there are a variety of bags to choose from when hunting pheasants. From backpacks and duffles to adventure bags, ensure the bag you choose has enough space for all your essentials.

Q: What type of decoys should I use when hunting pheasants?

A: To ensure that your decoys blend in with the environment, it is best to opt for solid-colored camouflage. Bright colors like white and red should be avoided as they can cause visible movement, which can scare away birds. Additionally, ensure your hat matches the color of the decoys to avoid resembling a human head too closely.

Q: Are there any special accessories I should bring when hunting pheasants?

A: It is also important to come prepared with the right accessories. Waterproof boots are essential for wading through wet areas, and a nondescript cloth hat will provide sun protection. Additionally, ensure you have ample ammunition, shells, and lures in your bag of choice. With the right clothing and accessories, you’ll surely have a successful and rewarding day of hunting.

Final Thoughts

Pheasant hunting is a great way to get out into nature and enjoy the outdoors. You can ensure your hunt is successful with the right clothing, decoys, and accessories. Make sure to choose clothing pieces made from moisture-wicking materials, opt for muted colors, and bring all the essential items you’ll need. With these simple tips, you can make the most of your pheasant hunting experience.

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